Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Team to Pass Bonds Announced

Quite an impressive team was announced to pass the "1's" - ie, the bonds.

Take a look, from Gale Kaufman helping out with framing education issues, to Bush's pollster - wow. I guess they did see the Field Poll showing them in trouble...

This from today's Capitol Morning Report

Polka Consulting reports it has been retained to lead the “bipartisan campaign team” assembled to run the united Rebuild CA campaign, Yes on Props. 1A (close 42 loophole), 1B (transportation bond), 1C (housing bond), 1D (education bond) and 1E (levees bond). According to Polka Consulting: Sandi Polka will “set overall and day-today strategy;” Larry McCarthy, president of McCarthy Marcus Hennings Ltd., will produce the campaign’s paid media; John Whitehurst and Mark Mosher, of Barnes Mosher Whitehurst Lauter and Partners, will focus on statewide Democratic and organizational outreach; Tom Ross, managing partner of Meridian Pacific, will oversee outreach to Republican and business organizations statewide; public opinion polling and research will be conducted jointly by Moore Methods and Jan van Lohuizen, president of Voter Consumer Research Inc.; Deborah Howard of D. Howard and Assocs. will assist in outreach, press and coordinate the campaign’s speaker’s bureau; and Paul Hefner of Polka Consulting will oversee campaign press and serve as spokesperson. Also, the campaign says it will consult with specialists on specific elements of the infrastructure plan, including: Gale Kaufman of Kaufman Campaign Consultants (schools), Steve Glazer of Glazer & Assocs. (housing), and Mark Watts and D.J. Smith of Smith Watts & Company (transportation/infrastructure). Contact: Paul Hefner 916 443 5900.


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