Saturday, July 15, 2006

Stop Fooling Ourselves: Antonio's a Dem

Are California Republicans just trying to fool themselves?

You might think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment. Or could I?

Many normally astute observers of California politics on the right side of the aisle have been falling all over themselves lately trying to make sense of Arnold’s appointment of Mayor Villiaraigosa’s sister to the bench, Arnold’s support for the Mayor’s school take over plan, and the Mayor’s to-date lack of an endorsement for Phil Angelides.

These otherwise wise pundits have concluded that because the Mayor has yet to endorse, that he won’t. The reasoning goes that Antonio wants his school plan passed and signed, and isn’t exactly secret about his wishes for Phil to lose, giving Antonio no incumbent in his way when he runs for Governor in 2010. Fair enough.

But that still strikes me as wishful thinking, at best.

Antonio is as savvy as they come. He knows he would be making his Primary bid for the Gov’s office immeasurably more difficult by sitting out this race, especially as the big city Mayor from SoCal may be taking on a NorCal counterpart.

So, what then to make of the Mayor’s current refusal to endorse?

Well, how about using it as a stick to get his reform plan passed through a skeptical state legislature?

It took a fairly massive overhaul of the plan itself, and several days of personal lobbying for the former Speaker of the joint to even get the tepid support he currently has. And that’s with the top two folks on the Assembly side, as well as the Senator Majority Leader already in the bag.

He has his carrots, what he needs are sticks. And what better one than for the most popular Latino in this largely Latino state to sit on his hands while Phil flounders?

Antonio will come around to support Phil. It takes, what, two days top to script and shoot a couple of spots? Absentees are still many months out, even further out than September’s flurry of bill signings. Antonio will be there for his guy, no question.

So, Republicans, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking such things, ok?


At 8/12/2006 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's a Dem, but even among Dems his star is dimming. He's left a really bad taste in the mouth of voters with respect to his LAUSD debacle. Control THIS Mr. Mayor!

The folks in LA (Dems included) are starting to resent back room deals. They are starting to resent the machine and all of its tentacles...regardless of the bench or stump the tentacles sit on or want to get elected to.

Antonio is NOT anybody's friend but his own. You may think you're his friend and you may be if you have a camera in hand. But he's beginning to give Dems a bad name.

But then again, Antonio and his "deals" make Republicans look good. And EVERYBODY needs friends like that.


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