Friday, July 07, 2006


This, from the ever-insightful New West News Blog:

I am perplexed by the Angelides general-election campaign. All through the primary until this very day, he has yet to air an ad that could be considered a proper introductory or bio spot, telling voters something about his background, his personal story, and why he is qualified to be governor. All we know after tens of millions spent on advertising is that a) he has three daughters, b) he has a lot of endorsements from politicians and interest groups, and c) Westly and Schwarzenegger are schmucks (twins?!). It’s a basic rule of thumb that you have to tell voters something of your candidate’s life story and his qualifications for the job he is seeking before they care much what his positions on the issues are — particularly with a candidate who is not well known. Angelides has so far not put a single spot on the air that mentioned anything about his family background (grandson of immigrants who didn’t speak English, father worked hard to send him to Harvard, etc.). Nor, for that matter, has he aired a single ad that told people what he has done during eight years as treasurer, and why that qualifies him to be governor (even the ill-fated Kathleen Brown in ‘94 discussed her record as treasurer in her spots). It’s like the Man Who Fell from the Sky — yesterday. If the Angelides campaign thinks their hate of Shwarzenegger and Bush is sufficient to beat an incumbent (and a movie-star incumbent governor at that) they should check back with the Dean and Kerry campaigns. The Republicans hated Davis in ‘02, too, and couldn’t fathom how anybody could possibly vote for him. As I recall, he was re-elected anyway with a 39% job-approval rating. Free advice, Phil –take it or leave it.


At 10/09/2006 6:12 PM, Blogger James said...

Garry South is a cancer of the California Democratic Party. He and the rest of these money-grubbing consultants are bottom feeders. His all-time worst stunt? Destroying the campaign of former L.A. mayor Riordan, so that a right-wing loser could be Davis's opponent. Really smart, Garry -- except that soured so many people that the Davis recall could happen. His campaign for Westly, the loser, featured 50 falsehoods about Angelides, dished out in the usual trash style, and Phil beat him. But it's now apparent that that expensive negativity spoiled Phil in people's eyes, and now South may as well be actively working for Schwarzenegger. Can you drum a consultant out of the party? That would be a good idea, because his kind of pond scum hurts the American political process, and he turns everything he touches into crap.

How typical that he consulted for Lieberman, too.


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