Wednesday, May 17, 2006

AD74: GBWA Memo Spreads Like Wildfire

“It is going to take substantially more money,” says Chris Wysocki to Marie Waldron.

California Campaigns has received a copy of an internal memo (mentioned earlier on the FlashReport), sent from GBWA partner Chris Wysocki to 74th AD candidate Marie Waldron, in which Wysocki bluntly lays out the dire straights of Waldron’s campaign.

The conventional wisdom has been that Waldron should hold a significant lead at the moment, and that Garrick would have to play catch up. Being that Garrick has an extensive monetary advantage, most insiders thought it’d be a battle of whether his money could surpass her institutional support by election day.

Throw those thoughts out the window.

In fact, her unfavorables are a full third higher than her favorables in her home town of Escondido.

Wysocki begins his analysis by bluntly writing, “Clearly, if the election were held today, we could come in third place. Your favorable ratings in Escondido are a significant concern, and we have to immediately bolster your positives in your home town.”

Chris' solution? Going negative. His summary states "His leasing office space to the Mexican Trade Center is a net negative of 29.2%," and "His Lincoln Property development is a net negative of 18.4%, as is his being a former city council candidate that lost." Most telling of GBWA's ensuing food fight is "His biggest hurdle is the tax lien issue (65.6 less likely to 1.6 more likely)."

This race looks to get ugly: fast. But with no base, and no money, Waldron seems t-o-a-s-t.


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