Thursday, March 02, 2006

Showdown at the CRA Corral

This weekend, the troglodyte-wing of the Republican Party, as Bob Mulholland would put it, is meeting in Bakersfield for the CRA’s Annual Convention.

Most of the endorsements are already decided. Tony over Abel. Big shock.

The only fight left is for BOE, Seat 3 – where Assemblyman Ray Haynes faces off against BOE Chief Deputy Michelle Steel.

Ten, five, heck, even 3 years ago, this race would’ve been a slam dunk – Ray all the way.

But a few things have happened that if I were voting would have me going all out for Mrs. Steel.

First was back in 2003, during the Recall, when Ray Haynes fell all over himself and twisted himself like a pretzel trying to make the case that Arnold was conservative (in hindsight, um Ray, you were wrong). He also went on a jihad against Tom McClintock – going so far as calling him selfish!

Then, the following year – last election cycle – Ray endorsed AGAINST Chuck DeVore, supporting instead an illegal alien hiring, fake endorsement touting, former President of California Republicans for Bill Clinton! Ray now claims that it was an aberration, and that when he found out about the facts, he quickly endorsed all the candidates in the race to make up for it… But that isn’t what happened. Long afterwards, Ray was taking Cristich around the Capitol, telling other members and insiders that she was far more conservative than others were saying, trying to expend his conservative political capital for such a leftist.

And lastly, following out of that, it emerged that Ray had been having an affair (his second). Now, I’m not normally someone who gets into people’s personal lives, but the details here warrant it. First of all, it was the second time he’d cheated on a wife with a staffer. Secondly, this time the flavor-of-the-month was none other than Cristich’s campaign manager, Gina Zari. I don’t want to let this blog fall into the name-calling, juvenile wars that others have. But I do want to make this point because it IS relevant: when Ray’s judgment and credibility as a conservative can be influenced by liberal pillow talk, it does become our business, and does cost him my support.

For these three reasons, if Bakersfield were on my itinerary for the weekend, my vote would be going to Michelle Steel.


At 3/02/2006 7:43 PM, Anonymous A Real Conservative Says said...

Dear Fellow CRA Member,

As a former CRA Chairman, and especially after last weekends CRP Convention, I think you know that my threshold for determining strong conservatives to lead our party is high. For the Board of Equalization, the choice is CLEAR, and it is Michelle Steel.

Michelle has been there when we needed her. Michelle has served numerous Republican and Conservative causes, the first of which was serving as the Treasurer to Congressman Dana Rohrbacher. She went on to serve Conservatives as a Commissioner for Los Angeles, where she fought a battle to end affirmative action. She has expanded our message into the Korean Community, where she hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Seoul.

I think Michelle’s Conservative Activism shown most brightly here in Orange County during an Assembly Race that pitted Conservative stalwart Chuck Devore against Clinton Supporter Cristi Cristich. This was a battle for the heart and sole of the Republican Party, and Michelle’s grassroots and financial support of Chuck Devore helped make Chuck our Conservative Assemblyman from the 70th District.

Holding office is not a right, it’s a public trust. And I trust Michelle Steel to stand firm as our conservative voice on the Board of Equalization. As a deputy to the current Republican Member, Michelle won’t need on-the-job training.

As a rock-solid fiscal conservative, she will bring to the Board a commitment to protecting and defending taxpayers from the ravages of an out-of-control, tax-hungry bureaucracy. And an accomplished businesswoman who served on the California World Trade Commission, Michelle is committed to lower taxes, to help keep us competitive in the world economy.

And as a dedicated wife and mother, Michelle shares our socially conservative values, as well.

Please join me in supporting Michelle Steel as our next Republican member of the Board of Equalization.


Mike Schroeder

At 3/02/2006 9:14 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said...

Thank you Mike for those kind words about Michelle. As someone who also lives in the 70th Assembly District, I to was appalled that Ray Haynes had endorsed a Clinton endorsing non existent GOP values person like Christy Christich over Chuck DeVore. I also had a chance to speak with Michelle this past weekend up at our blogger coffee event at the CRP Convention. She has my full support.

Powder Blue Report

At 3/02/2006 11:13 PM, Blogger NickM said...

This is the same Mike Schroeder who was a very early endorsement for Steve Poizner. Some threshold.

And can Michelle proffer endorsement letters from people who aren't her husband's closest friends?


At 3/03/2006 5:58 PM, Anonymous Mr. Sarcastic said...

The track record of CRA backed candidates winning statewide elections is really strong.

At 3/11/2006 7:58 AM, Anonymous long time CRA member said...

Is Michelle Park Steel even a member of CRA?

And where the hell has Haynes been to not be locking endorsements of his fellow legislators who work in the same building (State Capitol)?

And what about this current BOE job she has now? She is there actually doing any work or is this just for show for the ballot designation? (currently under review according to the LA Co. Registrar of Voters!)


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