Tuesday, March 28, 2006

AAPC President Wayne Johnson on Nofziger's Passing

The Sacramento Bee carried their own page 3, staff-written story on the death of former Sen. Al Alquist this morning, and that is appropriate. What was disheatening was to see the death of Lyn Nofziger buried in the second section. It was the LA Times wire story. The Bee, at least, had a small mention on the front page directing the reader to Section B.

Both of these men were major figures in the political life of this town, but one wonders if the "institutional memory" in today's press corps may be a bit short. I will leave the well-deserved accolades to the many others who will, no doubt, share their thoughts about Lyn. It was his impish humor and delight in dreadful puns that insured a warm place in this consultant's heart.

On one occasion, I remarked to Lyn how difficult it was getting to staff the on-site teams in campaigns. "It's tough to find good political pros these days," I said. Without missing a beat, Lyn replied "It's even tougher to find good political poetry...."


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