Monday, February 13, 2006

McClintock's chance to control the party

Let's face it, even if Schwarzenegger wins re-election, the real power in the party is now going to be Tom McClintock. Still retaining the loyalty of the CRA types to get them to pull back a bit on their Arnold bashing, he is actually being openly courted by Schwarzenegger's donors. No Republican has enjoyed such support in California since Reagan (after his first election - the moderates hated him at first but they "grew"). His run for LG is really just the first step in a race for governor in 2010.

So now what does McClintock do? First he has to grab hold of the party apparatus. He does that by supporting good conservatives for party posts who also know how to win elections. He has the standing in the party to get pretty much whatever he asks for and his support for the governor should be contingent on Schwarzenegger accepting McClintock picks for party posts (including helping Dufus from making an early exit.). This is what the CRA should be working on to actually get things done and change the party for the better. Let's hope McClintock is working behind the scenes to do just that.


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