Monday, January 09, 2006

Tran’s Baggage Revealed?

Ok. I’ve now heard from about six separate sources with a revelation of Tran’s baggage.

Apparently, according to Dick Ackerman, Assemblyman Van Tran went to Thialand to try and free a hijacker.

This sounds bizarre, I know. So I asked around and the requisite six people have heard this rumor (all the same way) but the story still didn’t make sense. So I asked around some more to find the real story. This is what I’ve found.

Yes, Van Tran has recently traveled to Thailand. The person he went to help however, is not a hijacker. The person, a man named Ly Tong, is a hero to the local Vietnamese (and Cuban) communities.

A few years ago Ly Tong rented a plane in Thailand and flew to Vietnam where he dropped anit-Communist leaflets over Saigon during Bill Clinton’s visit. The trip to Vietnam was not on his flight plan, so the person he rented the plane from reported it stolen —even though the plane was returned to its place of origin. Therefore, upon his return, Ly Tong was arrested and charged with hijacking.

This is a very sensitive situation, politically, between the Thai and the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese want Ly Tong extradited to Vietnam where he will be give a fake trial and quickly executed. The two countries are somewhat dependent upon each other so Thailand is under extremely intense pressure from the Communists in Vietnam to extradite Ly Tong.

The local Vietnamese community has been lobbying for Ly Tong to be extradited to the United States. Ly Tong is an American Citizen after all and deserves a fair trial. From what I’ve heard, no one is asking that Ly Tong be set free — the extradition is all they want — and I think everyone could agree that would only be fair.

It is worth noting that Young Americans for Freedom (both in California and Florida) has also been involved in this case. Some YAFers I talked to told me they once setup a website to help Ly Tong. The site went down after a year or two (but can still be seen here through when the Thai government kept indefinitely postponing any action on the case. But recent actions have shown that Ly Tong is in extreme danger of being sent to Vietnam which is probably the reason for Van Tran’s recent trip.

It is also worth noting that prior to his arrest in Thailand, Ly Tong flew over Havana Cuba and dropped anti-Communist leaflets during the Cuban National Holiday.

The idea that Dick Ackerman would try and use this against Van Tran is laughable. It shows just how out of touch he is with the local community. It is reasons like this that make it clear that Van Tran is the best candidate. This is why the Asian Community, both Democrat and Republican, will turn out in droves to support Van Tran over any other. Van Tran will have an edge over any candidate, Republican or Democrat, especially now that the difference in registration is only 1.5 percent.


At 1/10/2006 6:58 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said...

It sounds more like a badge of honor for Van to help a friend and fellow citizen than baggage. Ackerman is reaching badly here if this is the reason he is behind Lynn Daucher.

Powder Blue Report

At 1/10/2006 7:25 PM, Blogger Charlie Regan said...

It's not the reason, it's the excuse.

At 1/10/2006 9:12 PM, Blogger Pete St. John said...

charlie, define.

At 1/11/2006 9:15 AM, Blogger Charlie Regan said...

If one concludes that this incident is a reason for Ackerman's opposition to Tran, one has to believe that Ackerman was open-minded on Tran in the first place. He was not. The issue Al Bundy refers to, if Dick is in fact using it against Tran, serves as an excuse for his actions. The reason for his actions are, in fact, almost exclusively personal.


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