Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Steve Schmidt a Great Pick for Governor

As reported in the SF Chron today, the Governor will be bringing Steve Schmidt out to be day-to-day manager of his re-election campaign.

What a great pick!

This appointment, following the naming of Adam Mendelsohn as Communications Director in the horseshoe, Arnold has almost made up for the Susan Kennedy pick.

Steve is a top notch operator and has a reputation for being relentless and very focused. The reputation is deserved. Your Observer knows him from both prior California campaigns and his recent work with the Bush operation. He is one of the best.

Good pick by Arnold, Marty Wilson, etc.


At 1/05/2006 12:20 PM, Anonymous Hatchet said...

Among other political campaign moves is Bilbray for Congress dropping Coronado Communications and hiring the more veteran Dave Gilliard.

At 1/05/2006 1:10 PM, Anonymous Senator Matt Fong said...

Schmidt and Mendelsohn are masterful strategists and can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

At 1/05/2006 1:12 PM, Anonymous Marty Wilson Falling said...

Marty Wilson had nothing to do with picking Schmidt. It was all Maria. And she's got Marty in her sights after finding out that he was central to the campaign's gross financial mismanagement and paying, er, "commissions" to Murphy, Wilson and Claussen on signature gathering, phone banks and mail that Arnold and the rest of the campaign didn't know about.

At 1/05/2006 2:27 PM, Anonymous Betting Against Murphy and Wilson said...

I agree. Schmidt's hiring is good news for Arnold and the GOP, bad news for self-serving incompetents Mike Murphy, Marty Wilson and Rob Stutzman (who's exaggerating his role in the Gov's re-elect campaign to save face).


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