Thursday, January 05, 2006

More, More, More

More, More, More.

The three most important words from the SOS were "more, more, more."

With Gray Davis looking on as the Governor's guest, Arnold called for more of everything, especially government spending.

It sounded and reads like a Democrat dream list - higher minimum wage, after-school programs, imported prescription drugs, HOV lanes, mass transit, more money for education, etc., etc., etc..

Blowing up boxes? Forget it. According to Arnold, it time to build more boxes, and to put them on the charge card. Sure, he included a few (very few) words about fiscal responsibility. But that was clearly not his focus. He plans to spend his way out of his political troubles.

In short, the Democrats have Arnold exactly where they want him. They know it and he accepts it.

We are all going to pay for many years to come.


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