Thursday, January 05, 2006

Joe Giardiello Gives 6 for 2006

1) Duh. Tom McClintock wins statewide office in 06. He is immediately considered a dark horse Vice Presidential candidate for 08.

2) In a move which ends talk of a Vice Presidential nomination, Lt. Governor Tom McClintock closes the Fresno and Los Angeles offices and re-opens one in a penthouse suite at the Mandalay Bay and another beside a trout stream in Colorado. His District Director is never heard from again.

3) Even though Steve Westly has the most Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender endorsements (at least according to his website), Angelides wins the Democratic nomination for governor. Unions run this state; why should that change now?

4) Antonio Villaraigosa ends 2006 one of the most popular Mayors in Los Angeles history. He will be the next United States Senator from California.

5) Thanks to the brilliant leadership role of Cal-YAF, Van Tran wins the 34th Senate District.

6) Michelle Steel, clearly the only lucid candidate for the 3rd District BOE, wins easily.


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