Saturday, January 14, 2006

CRP abandons Schwarzenegger's Education Agenda

The Calfornia Republican Party sent an email out urging them to watch John Stossel’s Report on 20/20 dealing with education reform.

After the State of the State, I saw clearly that the Governor, liked junk food bans in schools (he mentioned it twice), his after school program and giving tons of money to schools.

Yet the beginning of the CRP email said
"You won’t want to miss John Stossel’s report tonight on 20/20 that examines how
the American school system robs our country’s children of a better
education. The report details that America’s children are falling behind
because of a lack of school choice and the influence of the powerful education

I watched the show and it attacked the idea money was the answer, it advocated teacher tenure reform and school choice.

The CRP needs to fire their new communications team. How dare they promote an agenda of choice and tenure reform, instead of the Governor's cave in to the teachers union.

Does anyone think the Governor watched it? You can see more on the show here.


At 1/14/2006 1:26 PM, Blogger NickM said...

Gov. Schwarzenegger did not sign a ban on junk food in schools; he signed a ban on schools selling (directly or through contracting out) junk food. Since students have the right to bring their own junk food with them, there is no infringement on their rights (there is no right to have the government sell you your foods of choice). It is, however, a misplaced priority. With massive budget deficits, billions in wasteful and ridiculous spending, overstressed infrastructure, and high taxes combined with low real services, the legislature should not have spent a minute dealing with something this trivial.


At 1/16/2006 10:30 AM, Blogger OAFFER said...

Nick is right that the junk food bill is a peripheral issue - though, it does violate the idea of local control (school boards) and it is another example of how Niro fiddles as our proverbial state burns.

A better example of throwing money at schools is the massive increase proposed in the Governor's budget - an increase without significant reform.

Far worst though, is the ballot initiative proposed by Rob Reiner creating a new $2.4 billion dollar state-run preschool program. I have commented on the socialized preschool program several times at OAF Blog.


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