Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bustamante's Pathetic Disclosure

Any financial facts and figures at this early a date obviously have to be taken with a grain, or a handful of salt. Candidates will continue to raise money, and so the March or May disclosures will tell much more than the disclosures out today will.

But, if we waited for those, we’d all be bored for the next two months, so lets talk about these anyways.

I’ve perused, skimmed, or examined every Reep candidates’ disclosures today, as well as the Dem ones for competitive Generals.

Most striking, out of all the pdfs I’ve been pouring over, was Cruz Bustamante’s.

I’m sure, or rather, I assume he can turn on the spigots at any moment, but at the moment, Poizner is beating him ~$650k to $13k.



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