Friday, December 30, 2005

Steve Frank's Top 6 for '06

1. That the voter turnout in November, 2006 will be depressed, more among Republicans than among Democrats. This could cause a loss of 2-3 Assembly seats and a State Senate seat by the GOP

2. Based on turn out, the Governor does win a close election but does not bring in any other Republican to a Constitutional office. Only a sleazy Cruz will help us.

3. Due to the sleaziness of Cruz Bustamante, our Democrat Lt. Governor, the GOP nominee will win the Insurance Commissioners position, if they have the finance's for the race.

4. The three main state issues for the 2006 races in California will be the pension crisis, eminent domain use and illegal aliens. This will create a dilemma for the Democrats because they will be on the wrong side of all these issues.

5. Bloggers will be a very important part of the election process. The blogging community will determine the energy level of the grass roots and the turnout in June and November on the GOP side. If the blogging community does not feel the candidates and nominees are worthy of being on the ballot, they will be hurt in June. If they win the nomination, they will be demolished in November. Example is Assemblyman Keith Richman, who did not vote for the first Schwarzenegger budget because it did not raise taxes. Richman, should he win the nomination for State Treasurer against Claude Parrish, will have the lowest vote total of any Republican on the state ballot next November.

6. The two Special Elections will see conservatives win. Diane Hankey will beat Assemblyman Tom Harman by possibly two to one for the John Campbell Senate seat, with the possibility that Harman doesn't even make the starting gate (his wife Diane will come in third in her race for Assembly)

The Special for the Cunningham Congressional seat will see Howard Kaloogian win.
The two "money" folks, King and Uke will get no traction--Uke because he is not taken seriously, no matter how much he spends. King because running on cutting fees as a Board member of a homeowners association is not credible. (disclosures--I have endorsed Kaloogian for this seat. And, I am president of my homeowners association)


At 12/31/2005 5:07 PM, Anonymous THE DOC IS NOT IN THE HOUSE said...

Hint.. only one candidate has the finances to beat Cruz for the IC race.

At 1/01/2006 11:44 PM, Anonymous Poizner is Worthless said...

You are obviously referring to Poizner, Doc. Let me ask you - why should any Republican, much less any conservative, remotely care whether Poizner wins, much less support him? If Poizner had his way, the vacancies on the Supreme Court would be filled with Al Gore judges. Now that's scary.


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