Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Phil Paule Weighs In

The venerable political operative Phil Paule, currently serving a term cooped up as District Director for Congressman Darrell Issa, is the latest to offer up 6 fearless picks for 2006!

1) Gov re-elected
2) Brian Bilbray wins the 50th CD
3) Reps lose two House seats in California ( I hope this does not happen)
4) Jeff Denham elected GOP Leader in the Senate in Dec 06
5) Dick Mountjoy GOP Senate Candidate
6) Mimi Walters will be GOP Assembly Leader Dec 06

Keep those 6 in '06 picks coming - email me!


At 12/28/2005 11:32 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said...

Hopefully Dreier will one of the ones to lose, but in the primary so we can keep the seat GOP and have the 26th CD represented by someone who is not an open border radical like Dreier is. I wouldn't mind seeing Bill Thomas go down either. He's the king of pork here in California.

At 12/29/2005 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you must be a political rookie or a freaking idiot to think Bill Thomas is going down. Even though i may not like the mod....hes locked into his seat until he wants to go. Bartlett....i recommend to leave the political insight to the pros or someone who knows what the heck they are talking about

At 12/29/2005 9:35 AM, Anonymous Walters for Senate said...

How can she be Assembly leader when her Senate race begins in 08?

At 12/29/2005 1:13 PM, Blogger NickM said...

Allan didn't predict Thomas's loss. He said he wouldn't mind it.


At 12/29/2005 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wouldnt mind seing pelosi go down either....but it just aint gonna happen. Final Result = Bartlett looks like an idiot

At 1/02/2006 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, a blog from Paule that doesn't start out "this one, drunk at convention..."

At 1/04/2006 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walters and Denhem
are you nuts or just drinking the cool-aid.

Why would they elect Bullwinkle j moose?????

Walters isn't really a player/
yeah they will elect her because she is a female but come on.
Audra has more brains then she does.

At 3/09/2006 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's lose 3 rep. seats and make Hamas lover Issa one of them. A seventh prediction. Phil Paule coattails another gilliard victory and try's to take credit for it. woof, woof.


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