Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Laughs: Videos of Arnold

Since there is little happening this weekend, I'd thought I'd share some funny videos I found.

Full disclosure - some of these are in bad taste. Ok, all of them are in bad taste. If your tastes are more sophisticated than mine, don't click the links below. I don't want to watch you complain.

Arnold and Conan O'Brien - Arnold gives Conan some alternatives to the "enlargement pills" advertised by email.

Arnold describes the orgasmic effects of body building.

Carnival in Rio - The best parts of the video played by the YAFers at a GOP Convention.

The Ravinator - It's edited, but still funny.

Celebrity Death Match - Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger -- too bad it wasn't Reiner or Warren Beatty.



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