Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mark Chapin Johnson's Wake-Up Call 6 for '06

If I am such a "leader" why am I in the wilderness feeling as though my party has abandoned me? Hummmmm, the ironies of life. Let's see, I come up with an idea and with 2 other guys I know we start the New Majority to enhance and improve the image of the Republican Party in California because we believe that until the Party looks good, nothing else matters and we're simply engaged in a long term waste of time and energy supporting the status quo... which is we're out of business, kaput and not meaningfully engaged in governance.. Oh we're really good at climbing to the mountain tops as Republicans and screaming at everyone (particularly our own fellow Republicans) about how terrible everything and everybody are, but we're so universally unpopular that we're virtually on the outside looking in because we seem to have no clue the the vast majority of ALL voters think our "platform" sucks...Not the traditional smaller, compassionate, efficient government that encourages self reliance in a positive manner "platform" that Republicans have stood for since Lincoln, no, we're despised as a Party because we cram down everyone's throat our vision of social and political correctness and our "big tent" really only holds a very small group of people comfortably.. Sort of like the folks that used to run Afghanistan I fear..

Certainly the New Majority has become astoundingly successful and many of my closest friends are still very active in the organization, but where have we come since the night in General Lyon's backyard where the inspiration for the New Majority arose in 1998??

The 3 guys became over a hundred, we raised millions of new dollars for Presidents, Governors and all sorts of other candidates and elected officials who now regularly make pilgrimages to the ATM of Orange County California to inhale New Majority dollars at a phenomenal clip. Poured millions into Arnolds campaign (a good guy I got to know while Dick Riordan's Finance Chair) and here we are 7 years later..

What has our thoughtful, logical, business plan to improve our image over the past 7 years achieved?? Worse than nothing I fear..

And that is where your 6 predictions come up:

1. In 2006 the image of the Republican Party will continue to flounder in California in as much as we have done virtually nothing to reach out to the average hardworking voter and make them feel we understand or care (Lest one disagrees with my assessment, refer to the November election)... We Republicans have no understanding that California voters threw out Davis, they didn't embrace us!!

2. Our own Governor, beloved by many of us, will find that a vast majority of dependable campaign dollars just evaporated because he couldn't and doesn't understand that personnel IS policy and you can't cram down our throats the enemy in our midst. (Can you say Susan Kennedy?)

3. Our Governor will be easily re-elected and we'll feel so good about it, not realizing that his competition is so pathetic that it would be virtually impossible for anyone to lose to his opponents. We'll see this as vindication for our Republican efforts and become more, not less, distanced from the electorate..

4. We will get our heads handed to us on a platter in the Statewide races (With the probable and hopeful election of Bruce McPherson, possibly the last standing decent moderate rational statewide Republican left in California).. We'll wail in disbelief at how our message wasn't heard or understood or more probably, we just didn't raise enough money to get our message out (Again for disbelievers, see our recent November election..hummmm 300 million in ads??) Should be entertaining..

5. A recession will start sometime before the 2006 election and state finances will once again turn upside down and the tragic structural imbalance that we (Yes, we Republicans and "our" Governor) have created on top of the Davis/Democrat fiasco will come home to haunt us like bad in-laws..We'll get all the blame while trying to explain away all the states problems on Democrats.. Should be an uplifting scenario.. Be sure to add into the recession mix our new idea to issue 50 or 100 billion in "infrastructure" bonds..Ask any business person in California how they feel about that inane idea.. Reminds me of a favorite axiom of mine: there is no situation, no matter how bad, that it can not be made worse!! Lovely...

6. Sadly our President (Whom I support solidly and financially) will continue too preside over a changing Party I hardly recognize anymore..And how astoundingly ironic the reasons: we've become the Party of big and thoughtless spenders. When Nancy Pelosi calls for reductions and we refuse them, the world is upside down. So I'm sure in the 2006 elections we will get a wake up call reminding us how absolute power corrupts absolutely..except in our Republic where the voters can toss us out.. Our Foreign policy may be the most brilliant in decades and our fiscal policy the worst.. What a tragedy for all we say we stand for..

Now aren't you glad you asked?? Believe it or not I really am in a Christmas frame of mind and looking forward to the New Year. I happy with my life and where I'm at, just sad that my Party continues to sink faster than Jimmy Hoffa in concrete..

If you do use any of this I'm sure I'll immediately drop off any remaining party lists.. Oh well, the cost of candor I fear.. Small price!! It will give me more time at Chapman, Claremont and the Hoover Institution..


Mark Chapin Johnson
Chairman & CEO

Mark Chapin Johnson Foundation


At 12/29/2005 2:22 PM, Anonymous Might as well be Harry Chapin said...

Drivel like this makes me wonder how a "good conservative" like Matt Rexroad can run the New Majority?

The NM is exactly what is WRONG with the GOP. Wake up Matt!

At 12/29/2005 2:32 PM, Anonymous Brandon Powers said...

Hey, I disagree with NM as much as anyone, but at least Mark (I've never met him) provides a thoughtful commentary.

Disagree if you wish (and I will), but cmon buddy, you can do better than "exactly what is WRONG with the GOP"...

They underestimate the importance of the base? Ok.

They underestimate Tom McClintock's strength at appealing to DTS and Dems by being thoughtful and honest? Sure.

They're often just as guilty as we conservatives at engaging in the circular firing squad? You bet.

But to just dismiss it as drivel does nobody any good.

That's it, I'll get off my soap box now and go back to attacking RINOs!

At 12/29/2005 3:03 PM, Blogger Roseville Conservative said...

These predictions are scary. While I think that the NM is a cancer that needs to be operated on, this commentary is excellent.

I also happen to agree with Flash completely. This is a scary scenario for the CA GOP, Mimi Walters and Jeff Denham as leaders!?

At 12/29/2005 3:34 PM, Blogger Marvin Lucas said...

Please keep Ackerman as your leader!

LoL --- I love it.

At 12/30/2005 9:49 AM, Blogger Ed Laning said...

As of October 24, 2005 Republicans are behind the Dems statewide by exactly 1,255,246 or 7.9%. In February, 05 Reps were 1,413,437 behind the Dems. Since February of this year we have improved by 158,191 registrations. Right now we are the closest in voter registration since the 1930's. That's a nice quote to throw around but it doesn't get us anywhere. The only quote that will get us somewhere in the body politic is "California is a Republican State'. We can do this if we have the will and the money to do it. Now is a perfect time to "exploit the breech" that the special election has caused. The Dems have spent themselves into oblivion. 10's of millions of dollars in this special election. Those are all dollars that would be going to the local Democrat Party and their county activities, especially voter reg projects. Now is the time to take a statewide effort to the next level and make this state a "Red State".

In order for us to get the number of registrations we need to get to turn our state Republican, we need to register 10-12,000 statewide per week. We can do this with a statewide paid vendor program. We have to compete with the high price of petitions now, that is a fact of life. We will have to pay from 8-12 dollars per card and we need to register 1.2 million Republicans. We are talking a total cost of 10-12 million dollars. That is a large amount of money but consider what a petition takes to qualify. Millions of dollars were spent to qualify the reform initiatives. There will be several benefits to turning our state Republican. Fundraising will increase exponentially. We will raise 10 times the cost to turn the State. California becomes the center of the political universe for 08. We won't need special elections to do the work that should be done in Sacramento, because we will have a majority in both houses and the governor's office.

There is a large market out there. According the Sec of State's statistics there are 6,596,286 citizens who are eligible but not registered. That is a huge number all we have to do is get around 20% of this number and we are there.

We have done what I am talking about here in San Bernardino County. In 2000 we were 20,000 regs behind the Dems. We put a voter reg program together and in September, 03 we turned the county Republican. Today we are 34,000 registrations ahead of the Dems. We couldn't get very many people to help with money. We did put some dollars together and began. We registered 7 days a week, 12 months a year. "On" years and "off" years. There were people in the Republican Party who said it can't be done. As we approached the turning of the county and the success brought all of the factions in the county together. Money really flowed in and the momentum carried us to 34,000 ahead of the Dems.

We can do this if we have the will and the dollars.

Ed Laning
Voter Registration Chair, San Bernardino County
Former Regional Vice-Chair CRP, Inland Region

I put this out just after the special election. Since then I have resigned as Regional Vice Chair to the CRP. I will continue our efforts to turn our state Republican. We don't need titles to build our party. The New Majority and Republican Women Federated have proven that over the years. We need leadership that will set goals and give direction. We can do the rest.

Ed Laning

At 12/31/2005 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Republicans want to win in '06, then they have to give the voters a reason to vote GOP. I have tried for years to get the CRP to get onboard with a "Contract with California"

In 1994, we saw how effective the "Contract with America" was- although only U.S. House candidates signed it, the "Contract" helped usher in a Republican Congress and GOP control of the California State Assembly for the first time since 1972 (albeit rocky due to Doris, "sit and switch" and finally the current Mayor of Anaheim).

I realize that 2006 is not 1994 and that the district lines are not "fairly" drawn, but the GOP in CA has to do something- a "Contract with California" will define the CA GOP's message to the voters instead of the Dems and their liberal friends in the media distorting what Republicans stand for.

At 1/04/2006 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This individual likes to see himself in print. He has not been a New Majority member for 4 years. His views are his own.

At 1/23/2008 7:29 PM, Anonymous Forty four said...

How interesting that Republicans don't have a clue as to why their useless and destructive policies are so disliked by the rest of us.

I think Amos had a good line for this phenomenon: "My people is the enemy."


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