Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Can Hertzberg "Make a Deal?"

Former speaker and current Energizer Bunny Bob Hertzberg is still trying to make a deal between Ah-nuld and the Legislative Dems. Any bets on whether the hug-meister can pull it off?


At 8/17/2005 11:41 PM, Blogger Pete St. John said...

a)why has he proclaimed himself great man of bringing the sides together? what's in it for hertzy?

b)he only has until what, thursday or friday, right?

At 8/18/2005 12:03 AM, Blogger California Observer said...

Well, I had heard about this from (mostly unhappy) several GOP legislators early today.

There is now an AP story up on this, saying the Arnold asked him to broker the deal.

At 8/18/2005 7:26 AM, Blogger Charlie Regan said...

Legislators from both parties were still scrambling last night to put a term limit extension on the ballot, tied to redistricting reform.
Polling done earlier this year on this same issue showed it to be a non-starter.

At 8/18/2005 8:44 AM, Blogger William C. Ferrell said...

The deadline is today. Let’s be realistic.‎

At 8/18/2005 9:34 PM, Blogger Senator McCarthy said...

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At 8/18/2005 9:39 PM, Blogger Senator McCarthy said...

I opposed Prop. 57 & 58 because I knew it wouldn't solve any problems.

Now, there is another "spending caps" initiative with enough loop-holes that it won't do much good.

Raising teacher tenure from 2 to 5 years will only make cosmetic changes to the problem of public education.

Redistricting initiative, if passed, will end up in court and probably won't go into effect any time soon.

Once the election is over . . . I'll bet Gov's people will ask for another "spending caps" or "budget reform" initiative to solve our budget crisis.


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