Sunday, August 14, 2005

California's Next Supreme Court Justice???

The rumor is that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be close to naming moderate (at best) federal district judge Morrison England to the California Supreme Court. England - definitely NOT a conservative - was essentially a Barbara Boxer pick for the federal bench in 2002, when the President's Calif. guy Gerald Parsky was allowing Sen. Boxer to exercise an absolute veto over California judicial nominations. The blow-with-the-wind England sailed through the Senate without opposition in 2002. (The President's more recent picks have been much better).

If this is true - it is a sad choice to fill the seat vacated by the brilliant conservative/libertarian judge Janice Rogers Brown, who was recently appointed by the President to the United States Court of Appeal in Washington, DC..

One of England's recent rulings was to block a move by the Bush Administration to open up some back-country timber tracts for logging - a move that would have helped prevent large fires in the Sierra. England sided with the Sierra Club in blocking the logging operation.


At 8/14/2005 10:19 PM, Blogger Pete St. John said...

This is exactly the reason this blog was started. We likely never would have heard this news otherwise.

Problem is - Arnold probably agrees with the Sierra Club on this issue.

I for one, love GOP consultant Dave Gilliard's choice - former Congressman Jim Rogan.

At 8/15/2005 10:43 AM, Blogger NickM said...

I had an election law case a few years ago (ballot designation issue) that ended up in front of Judge England when he was on the Sacramento Superior Court due to the unavailability of most of the writs & receivers judges, who normally handle election law matters. Considering that this was an area of law which he was not experienced in, I have to say that he was a very quick study, asked perceptive and penetrating questions at oral argument, and reached a sound decision (with a detailed explanation of his reasons) from the bench. I have not done any study of his opinions to discern his ideology, but I feel he has the intellect to be a Supreme Court Justice.


At 8/15/2005 11:35 AM, Blogger Charlie Regan said...

Rose Bird also had the intellect.
Plus, the Calif. Supreme Court is already full of mushy middle of the roaders, which is where England falls on the scale.
Maybe he is not the worst choice the Governor could make, but he is clearly not anywhere near the top of the list for a Republican governor. Remember, Barbara Boxer OK'd him for the federal appointment and he was confirmed with no dissenting votes.

At 8/15/2005 11:50 AM, Blogger California Observer said...

I'm with Charlie. Given that Barbara Boxer would fillibuster a mouse if it ever made a right turn in a maze, someone she "approved" is not Janice Brown.

At 8/15/2005 6:41 PM, Blogger Roseville Conservative said...

I got an e-mail today that said that only 48% of Governor Arnold's judicial appointments have been registered Republicans.

Kind of ridiculous, isn't it.

In Heavily Republican Placer County he appointed a DTS to the bench in a court here.

I have a problem with that.

Gilliard is right on James Rogan would be a perfect choice... squeaky clean, intelligent and articulate.

At 8/15/2005 7:24 PM, Blogger NickM said...

Rose Bird did not have the intellect. Neither did Cruz Reynoso. Joe Grodin had the intellect necessary for the bench.

Since I've never thought Schwarzenegger was a conservative, I can't accuse him of selling out.

The time to worry about who he would pick for a CA Supreme Court vacancy was in the summer and fall of 2003, when most of the party decided "He can win. That's good enough for us."


At 8/16/2005 8:34 AM, Blogger William C. Ferrell said...

I knew that most of Arnold’s bench appointments were Democrats and DTS, but I am ‎interested to know how many have been actual conservatives. Does anyone know?‎


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